Monday, December 7, 2015

Gift guides - A few of my favorite things..

Our wonderful trip to Vermont over the weekend lifted my holiday spirits even more!! Hanukkah is being celebrated until the 14th and Christmas is quickly approaching.... I need to get hop-hopping on my shopping...Today I am sharing a wish list of my favorite things!

1//2//3 - on sale 20% off//4//5//6//7//8//9//10//11//12

I recently met the owner of the monogram company Cece Du Praz. She was lovely and the quality and choices of monograms available on her site are fabulous! I plan to get my daughter and myself one of these great tote bags and I am going to have custom monogrammed shams done later this winter..Check out her company, story and beautiful monograms here!!

And on my dream wish list are these custom monogrammed Stubbs and Wootton slippers!! And the pink??? I can hardly stand it! I would pair these beauties with so many looks. Order your pair here. (these aren't for the faint of heart) this is almost my initials....eek. I am JER and would just need to flip the R to the center! I can see the final version now......sigh..

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Pink Camellias said...

The slippers are gorgeous- I went to the site to build my custom slippers - $950!!!!!! Don't think those will be in my stocking this year! ;-)


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