Thursday, December 3, 2015

Insta peek and packing deets - VT

I am looking forward to heading up north to Vermont with my family tomorrow. I hope to wrap up my day by noon to beat the rush hour traffic. Plus, what child doesn't enjoy getting dismissed from school as a treat once in a while? I thought I'd get a jump on my packing this am. Here is a peek of what's going in my bag! I've provided links to most of these items or at least something similar!! 

Bric bag: Classic, good looking and durable! Brics make the perfect gift. I have the Brics cargo duffle. Bloomingdales is hosting a $25 off every $100 you spend with CODE:Shop25 (some exclusions apply)

Black Ugg boots - I know UGGS are everywhere and have been but there is no denying they feel like slippers are make the perfect driving boot for this Mama. 

Sweater - similar - in face I am due for a new off white sweater....

Madewell Scarf - 30% off today!

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edbdesigns said...

Have a wonderful time! Vermont is magical this time of year. My parents have a home in Dorset. :)


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