Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Cement tile a la Tom Scheerer.......

I'm running around like crazy trying to button up all my busy biz work before I jet off to the Bahamas on Thursday! I thought it would be apropos to share a couple of Tom Scheerer's Bahamian kitchens. He resides there part of the year and also designed some of the public spaces at Lyford Cay Club. Long before Pinterest I had these images torn out of my favorite design magazines! (One of these kitchens is in Florida but really who is keeping track)...Besides the limed oak (still obsessed) I love, love, love the walls of cement tile. I MUST do this soon someplace! I swear once I finish my home the way I want it, I'll be itching to do another! Cement tiles will be in order some place. Here are three sources for cement tiles. one, two, three.

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Rambabu said...

Cool cement designs.. I like to implement one such kind of designs for my customer. Thanks for providing great samples for my upcoming Modular kitchen Designs


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