Friday, April 8, 2016

Shelter Loves

HAPPY FRI-YAY all! It was hard transitioning back to work after my tropical vacation but I made it and here it is, Friday already! These are the goodies and great "stuff" that caught my eye this week!
1. Amen
2. I mentioned gardening yesterday on the blog.  Every summer I plant my herbs in pots and leave them near my back door! Ummm, these look amazing!!

3. Lauren is so chic!! I am going to a lax fundraiser for my son tonight and we are supposed to dress like pirates! Pirates? Really? I am taking my inspo for my outfit from this shot! Arrghhh....

4. This space is a very layered but it works because the colors were repeated and pattern sizes were varied. I love me a non cookie cutter looking house.  Rebecca de Ravenel's home is just that....

5. I AM buying this light fixture for my living room! Let's just hope my kids don't knock it off the wall. 

6. I love sipping tequila drinks. I'm a bit of a tequila snob though and will only drink the good stuff! (it is so much better) This pretty drink is called, The Paloma (image and recipe found on Goop).

4 1/2 cups of Grapefruit soda
6 limes, lime juice and wedges
A shot of silver tequila

** don't ask why the typing is not cooperating on my blog...I had no time to fix it. Have a fabulous weekend!! xo


Anonymous said...

Please insta your pirate outfit, I would love to see what the heck that looks like! They make some odd requests sometimes, but I guess- why not?!

Taste of France said...

Lauren Santo Domingo does indeed look elegant, though when I first glanced at the photo I thought she was doing a Pilates move (a difficult one), because she is so in alignment--not the way one would sort of slouch to the side if one was lounging. But maybe she's so elegant she never slouches. Lucky her.


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