Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The Surf Lodge

I am sort of out of my mind that the summer is here!! (in a good way)....I came across the work of amazing hospitality designer, Robert McKinley today, so I've decided to kick off this week and wind down the fabulous long weekend with a great quote and fantastic spot on my "must visit" list.

It's of no surprise, I love the ocean and ALMOST anything that has to do with it so the thought of spending a few days at a hotel aptly name, The surf lodge works for me and my casual summer mindset...The lodge is located in Montauk, NY. This boutique hotel features a restaurant, small beach, wellness area and bar! 

I usually like to start off the week with an inspiring quote in mind. The hotel designer's quote: "In anything creative we always have to think like a child without boundaries".

Cheers to the four day work week. xx


Taste of France said...

That turquoise floor!

Kyle Rattigan said...

We are going to Montauk at the end of the month for a week! This post just got me even more excited. :-)


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