Friday, September 16, 2016

Shelter Loves...

I've been in a classically modern state of mind this week. Between working on client projects and brainstorming for my new website I keep going back to strong classic bones with a fresh modern approach. Wishing you a wonderful weekend! Here is a peek at my recent pins...

1. Mark D. Sikes has released his first book titled "Beautiful". His timeless style and love of blue and white speak to me. Each room pictured is better than the next, his work is inspiring. 
2. I have always adored a nautical/military pant. All those gold buttons? Yes please. Purchase these here. I would own these for the rest of my life. 
3. I rarely leave home without studs on. In fact I think I need these in my life, they're so pretty. Available here
4. Oscar was a smart man.
5. I tore this Mark Sikes room out of HB last mouth! I adore the mix of color. I'm finishing up my daughter's room and am leaning towards using a headboard!

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