Wednesday, September 14, 2016

small space, big style!

Happy Hump day y'all! I was typing up an assignment yesterday that included tips for living in tiny spaces. I've always know good things come in small packages. I mean it's no secret that being a single Mama and living near the water required me to purchase a smallish home! I need to be pretty selective on what I bring into my house and I store the items I don't use down stairs. I'm sure they'll come in handy when I expand or move but for now I'm enjoying my finished abode! I had a goal to purchase and revamp a home for my kids and I. To check that box feels pretty damn good.....

Here's proof when fabulous style is concerned, size does not matter! I've long admired Lindsey Coral Harper's designs and I just ADORE her 700 sq. foot New York flat. You're welcome for the eye candy...;)  All images via House Beautiful.  

Mixing vintage and new items adds interest and coziness to small spaces. (or any space for that matter)
You can decide how much you'd like to layer or not. Here Lindsey stacks and stores her books and beautiful objects. 

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Taste of France said...

She has a great place. Lots of personality.
Living in the smallest space you can stand is very smart budget-wise. You have less room for stuff, so you spend less on stuff. It costs less to heat/cool/maintain. It takes less time to clean, so you can spend your time doing other things. Bravo!


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