Wednesday, September 13, 2017

High Gloss...

Happy Wednesday! I think you are either a high gloss person or you aren't! I personally like to mix high gloss with matte in my designs for a transitional look. Mixing elements such as glossy with a matte creates more variety and more variety = a better design!

One of the first things I shared when I taught Interior Design in Boston were the Principles and Elements of interior design. Although, I no longer have time to teach design, I thought I'd start a short series this Fall that shares those tips and tricks. Over the next six weeks, I'll be creating a post discussing one of the six principles.
One way to add emphasis and interest to a room is vary the elements within. I find my clients and people in general are taking more risks with their homes. I say start small and try something new in one room. Trust me, you'll be happy with the results. A hot trend we designers have been using for a while is covering a room, ceiling or piece of furniture with a super high gloss finish.  In small doses, I LOVE this idea. Many clients opt to have painters spray entire rooms with this high gloss process. It delivers a very similar result to lacquer. Here are some beautiful examples of what I am talking about...just be sure your surface is in good shape, the glossier the finish the more details show (or shine)!

The white is so cool!! This is becoming very popular on the Cape and Islands!

This is my kind of mudroom!
I'm going to paint my front door in high gloss this Fall! I recommend using Fine Paints of Europe - Hollandlac finish. This color is gorgeous!!

Trim in high gloss
A hidden peek of high gloss is amazing too!
Kitchen cabinets!

This ceiling is soooo good!
I used this exact color (Ben Moore - Slate Teal 2058-20) on kitchen chairs in high gloss, they turned out 👌👌👌


Haiku said...

Julie, can I try to dissuade you from doing it yourself and hiring someone? I used black from FIne Paints Hollandlac line. I am pretty good with paint, lots of experience. Sanded, primed etc. And it was such a hot mess, I cant even tell you. It dries in a flash. However thin you go, it drips. Some areas look ok but basically Ill be hiring someone to come, sand it all off and start over.

My name: Julie My design firm: SHELTER said...

A professional is always a good idea, thanks for sharing your tip!! xx, Julie


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