Wednesday, September 6, 2017

It is THAT time again.

First off, how is it already September? Secondly, it is always bananas around here. Anyone with school aged children does not even need me to explain why! Every year I tell myself I am going to be more on top of shiz and get super organized. The influx of paper work and sports practices alone are enough to drive a sane person crazy!!! On Monday, while I sat in the ER for six hours with my son (that is a story for another day, just glad he is okay) I came across this article on One Kings Lane. Yes, I know The Life Changing Magic of Tidying up by Marie Kondo has been around for a while and perhaps I have already blogged about it BUT even the smallest tips to help me organize around here during the "back to school bustle" is much appreciated. I loved the editors tips and even more, the photos. I am only going to share a few today!! I started with my daughter's room last night while I was waiting for some water to boil. Here's what I did:

1. PURGED old clothing and items that look dated, stained or did not fit.
2. THE KONMARI VERTICAL FOLD. THIS IS BRILLIANT!!!! I am always digging through my drawers looking for the right t-shirt and my kids create a huge mess doing the same!! I truly hope this helps them. I know it will help me. Last night we fit all of my daughter's leggings (with room to spare) and t-shirts beautifully into three drawers. For now, they look neat and I LOVE the fact that each item is organized and easily seen. No more digging! 
3. After you purge and fold you'll have much more space for your pretty, hanging pieces! Marie recommends hanging your favorite pieces so that the line along the bottom slopes upward! Now you're able to actually see your clothing and rediscover your style!! 

I did not even use shoe boxes.  
Here is the fold

I will still dream of having a large closet similar this one (minus the window treatment) by Melanie Turner designed for a recent client and featured in this month's Veranda magazine. Until then, I'll stick with the easy tips to simplify my life a little!

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