Monday, December 11, 2017

Shelter Loves

Good Morning and happy Monday lovies! Wow, this month is flying by and we are officially  counting down the twelve days of Christmas. I hope to have some time to truly enjoy the holiday season with my family and friends. I would love less rat race and more down time on the weekends. I hope to finish off my shopping online this week. There are SO many great sales on this "green Monday"! I have trouble buying much at full price anymore! Wishing you all a perfect week!! Here are my current loves and lusts! I was in a meeting all day on Friday and ran out of time to blog. I have a number of exciting projects going on and a wonderful photoshoot of one of my favorites to date coming up! xx

1. I tend to feel more comfortable wearing my mass of thick hair up! I need to take the time (yeah right) to try more fun styles like this! I also like my hair less on the quaffed side and more natural looking.
2. I SWEAR by these L.L. Bean lodge boots. They are 25% off today and worth every penny. My first pair was (I hope) accidentally taken from the gym. I just ordered another pair and I wear them all over town: to run errands and pick up my kids at school etc. etc.
3. Ok, I know quotes can be a bit cliche but they honestly lift me up!! I have become a more positive person as I have grown older. I find acting negatively over, what end up being, small things in life a complete energy suck. Bitch for a moment to a friend and be done with it! Most of life is good. Health, financial security and love (including self love) are everything and if you have those don't waste time fretting about the rest of it. We all have shitty (nights) days, trust me. xo
4. Gen Sohr's posts and designs are always perfectly imperfect. Her use of color and pattern are delightful and never too serious. Here is a snap of her foyer via Southern Living. 💓💓💓
5. J.Crew is hosting 40% off and free shipping today. These bags are so functional and cute! I think it's time for me to switch over my larger bag this winter. 
6. When I have time I like to bake and create. Emerson loves to help me. How adorable is this gingerbread house cake?
7. I have a thing for fluffy coats. I own three and wear them all the time. I would not mind adding this one to my collection - it is 50% off.  (most of mine are faux and block the winter wind beautifully).. If you prefer a faux version, this one is pretty too

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