Friday, December 22, 2017

Shelter Loves

My first question is, where did December go? I haven't had much time to relax and enjoy the Christmas season..I am looking forward to some down time with my friends and family this weekend.
I've pretty much had wrapping up projects and children's gifts on my brain this week but here is what I did happen to catch! 

Wishing you and yours a wonderful holiday weekend!!

1. Meghan and Harry are adorable. I am looking forward to seeing every wedding detail.
2. Meghan had The Percy tortoise glasses on in a recent photo, now they are on backorder for months. I may need these! I adore Meghan's simple, classic but updated style. 
3. I love authentic Mexican. I make tacos A LOT around here but need to up my game. This is on my late holiday wish list.
4. 🙏
5. I love the unexpected freshness clementines bring to the holiday season. 
6. + 7.  Add a little sparkle to your holiday outfit this weekend! This blouse would pair nicely with these pants

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