Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Biscuit Home

We all have certain designers that speak to us for one reason or another. I'm actually drawn to an array of styles and looks - from modern to classic. And it's definitely in my wheelhouse to create both or a seamless blend of the two for my clients. I do however, find that interiors and architecture that have a sense of history and meaning, soar. Bailey does just that with her business, the prints and designs have a classic foundation but feel fresh, new and never stuffy. I will also never tire of a good monogram. I recently selected one of the sheet prints as the starting point for a little Southern girl's bedroom. I always love to see what she has up her sleeve. Biscuit Home added a much needed bedding source to the market and I continually visit her site for design pieces that include bedding, accessories and furniture. I love to use color on my projects, so her love of color is much appreciated too. I thoroughly enjoyed, House of Harper's interview with her. Bailey's boutique, aptly named Biscuit Home, is beautifully executed!! Her home is also stunning. Photo Credit: Kathryn Worsham.
I used a similar blue color on my bedside tables and I'm thinking of mixing it with lavender in my daughter's room revamp this Spring!


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