Friday, January 26, 2018

Shelter Loves

Happy Friyay! Any big plans for the weekend? I had every intention of heading to VT this weekend to go skiing but I've had such a busy week. I just can't escape today. With that said, I heard conditions aren't great on the mountains, I may wait until they get more snow! Here's what's on my radar - besides a slew of exciting new projects.

1. White lace shirts have such a feminine look. I recently purchased this one here. I plan to bring it on our Disney trip with the kids this Spring.
2. I am in love with this bag. I have the XL size and I had my initials monogrammed on it in hot pink. It is the perfect casual weekend bag and holds a ton. (even my pillow 👶) I may need the medium size. 
3. + 4. I am most definitely into the strong mind, strong body, strong woman concept! I do not love to ski in the frigid cold but on a gorgeous day, I find it refreshing to be outdoors away from technology - I enjoy the views and exercise! Just look at Hannah Teter, the professional snow boarder - snow boarding and skiing keep you fit. I'm ordering a pair of her inspired ski socks via Bomba. These are cute too
6. How adorable are these slides???  I love this shade of pink. J. Crew has a similar pair to the Loeffler ones. 
7. If I had a ski house it would look like this but filled lots of soft blankets and sheep skin rugs. The windows would face the mountains. 

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Maria Smith said...

Nice Cottage look!
Like your style for 3d architectural visualization


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