Tuesday, February 6, 2018

heart day

Whether you choose (or chose) to be single or not (we have ALL been there) on Valentine's Day, a little heart day inspo never hurt anyone. During the years that I was single, I still chose to embrace celebrating the love in my life and often found an excuse to pick up a pretty little something for myself. Today I'm sharing some pretty Valentine's Day ideas:

1. These look adorable on! They also come in pink. 
2. I am often looking to brighten up my wardrobe by February! A new handbag is a great way to add some color to your life!
3. I need a new car and am actually toying with the idea of going with something slightly smaller. I need something roomy and safe for my kids but I always appreciated a nice, European looking cars. I will most likely stick with an SUV for work purposes but I want something sportier!! How cute is this little car? The Countryman Mini is on my radar but I think it is too small. I also need a car that can plow through the snow!
4. Flowers are the perfect way to brighten anyone's day. Ranunculus are one of my favorites!!
5. These are on my wish list. (hint, hint)
6.  The gift of music is a great one!! Bose still makes a fabulous sounding speaker. 
7. + 10. The girls over at Twine and Twig are killing it. Don't miss out on their 25% off sale! I am loving their Spring collection and the Valentine's blush stack. I think I need a new piece for Florida. 
8. I love the look of wrap sweaters. This one is reversible and super comfy. Size down, it runs a large - I would say if you are a size 4 to get an xxs. **It is 30% off** 
9. Beautycounter is my go to for moisturizing, chemical free lipstick and gloss. This color collection is versatile and would make the perfect gift. 

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