Friday, April 6, 2018

Shelter Loves

Hello all and Happy Friday!!!!  I'm here with my LOVES today. I hope to grab some time this weekend to get inspired, I have a stack of magazines I want to peruse and a fairly laid back weekend planned. I mean obviously I'll be driving my children all over but most sporting events are in town this weekend! I'm in the midst of designing a number of kitchen. I enjoy how each is different and reflects the needs, styles, and desires of my clients, threes of which I have been working with for years. One of the best parts of my job are the relationships I form with an array people. 

1. I am ready to change out my bedding, bedding gets worn looking after a few years and I tend to gravitate towards light fresh colors. These sheets from Julia B. are STUNNING. I am not sure I would dare sleep on the pillow cases, they are too pretty. I could always layer them with simple white sheets. I have my eye on these too. 
2. This is the perfect spring outfit for Boston. I adore creamy white and pale colors together. I am all about the cropped flare pant right now, some may disagree, but I find them flattering and feminine.
3. YES! I need to practice these words! I also need to shut off my brain once in a while.
4. Have I mentioned that if I was not a designer, I would have wanted to be a dermatologist? I am slightly obsessed with skincare and have held onto my own lashes but enhance them more every chance I get. This serum adds volume and length
5. I'm jumping on the pink shoe trend, these cuties will end up in my cart today! They are 50% off!!!
6. Kitchens, kitchens and more kitchens are on my mind/radar. In fact, I'm off to choose stone right now with a client..I am starting to pin inspo for my latest project, it's going to include a fabulous, large, dark island with brass hardware!!!

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