Tuesday, April 10, 2018

The Cutting Garden

While I have blooms on my mind, I thought I'd share a summer goal with you! As you may recall, last year, my mission was to plant a thriving herb garden, well.... it kind of failed. The pots I planted did well but the herbs did not get enough sun and never really took off, hence my lack of photos on the blog. While I still plan to grow herbs in another location, my aim this year is to grow a small flower cutting garden. My daughter and I have been reading a sweet book every night before bed; How Now, by Raphael Cushnir. I bought it years ago but my eight year old is enjoying every suggestion and I am loving the quiet time with her before bed. The latest daily "celebration" detailed discovering your quality of "openness" to trying new things. With this concept, the goal is to realize every moment and day can carry a fresh new perspective and discovery! This passage had me thinking of my own life. The intent is to step out of your comfort zone and continually try something fresh..This can be something as simple as cooking a new food you have never tried to a larger venture. I've never cultivated and have always wanted to attempt to grow a cutting garden so it's on the top of my "NEVER before" to do list! I'm looking forward to tagging along with my friend Julia on her yearly garden store run for seeds and blooms! I'm also purchasing these two beautiful books to help me out! The first, Martha's latest release: Martha's Flowers. (this would make a lovely Mother's Day gift)
Purchase here 
A peek inside

The second, is by gardener Elizabeth Benzakein from the GORGEOUS Floret Farm in Mount Vernon, Washington. Her instagram page is also an inspiring visual treat. Elizabeth's book: Floret's Farm: Cut Flower Garden (another fabulous Mother's Day gift idea)

image via 

I am by NO means suggesting my blooms or garden will look like this, but "goals" are good!! 🙌🙌🙌 hehe

And a few more inspiring cutting gardens:

Image via 

Via Town and Country Magazine

and the arrangement possibility ideas are endless:

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