Thursday, January 17, 2019

A much needed refresh

Whether you're stuck in a rut, want to clean house, get down in the winter or are just looking to "refresh"  and brighten your home (and life) a bit, I hope to have an idea to kick start your year.  Today, I'm sharing a few ways to initiate simple changes with your home, health and routine. Most of these ideas won't cost much and I can bet you'll feel happier and more at ease when you're done. 

Change can be uncomfortable but often, a necessity for true growth, peace and happiness in life. I too am starting at home with an updated and clean perspective for an array of reasons.

Here are my thoughts, I hope they help! xx


No. 1 - Rearrange your furniture

No. 2 - Donate tired, broken lamps and move the lamps you're keeping to new spaces or areas. Adding a light to a dark corner can make a huge difference in the feel of the room. 

No. 3 - Relocate your art and hang paintings and photos in different rooms or in unexpected arrangements. 

No 4. - When I got divorced years ago I remember I felt the need to toss all of my bedding (yes for that terrible reason) and buy new everything! Purchasing and sleeping on fresh, comfortable bedding can work wonders for the soul! I actually own these bed side tables and had them painted in a beautiful blue shade!

No. 5 - Are you embracing the Marie Kondo method?? I've been doing some serious editing around my home and in the closets lately! It feels good to declutter and keep only what I need and love. 

 No.6 - Organize! When I finish donating and decluttering, I plan to organize and maintain my home. I am tight on space, so I need to take advantage of every area.


No. 1 - Discover different music and start a new playlist! I've added a "chill list" and have downloaded a number of new alternative songs to my current "alternative mix". I currently am loving, Maggie Rogers.  She is on tour and her new album was released yesterday. 

No. 2 - Drink decaf green tea at least once day 

No. 3 - Try a new workout routine! I am embracing more yoga and need to add a different class to my workout. I am growing tired of running on the treadmill. 

No. 4 - Book a trip, it is so fun to have a get away to look forward to. Even if it's exploring an unfamiliar town near by and checking out a different restaurant or coffee shop.

No. 5 - Re-shop your closet and wear an outfit you have never put together before. We are all in the habit of throwing on the same pieces. Be on the look out for my wardrobe staples post early next week! The French have this technique mastered.

No. 6 - Take the scenic route when you have time!

No. 7 - Sheet pan cooking - I don't have a ton of time to cook or clean up at night and on top of that my kids always want something different for dinner. I try to add at least one item they like to the sheet pan. The clean up is faster too.

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