Sunday, February 17, 2019

Shelter Loves

Happy Sunday! I did not have time to squeeze in this post on Friday but I did today!! Here's a peek at what's on my design radar. 

1. A simple sentiment but so very true! Fear holds us back more than we realize. If you learn from your mistakes then it's a lesson not a regret! None of us can undo the past, we can only try to be the best version of ourselves today.
2. Sadly, Lee Radziwill passed away on Friday. She was a radiant woman and a fierce fashion icon. I may have to designate an entire post to her this week.
3. Wallpaper on doors!
4. I swear by Glossier Boy Brow, it plumps and straightens my light brows right up! I swear they are thinning as I get older. 
5. I may need a pink hose! (the little moments make me happy)
6. This chocolate vest looks pretty amazing with these white jeans. If real fur isn't your thing, there are knock offs available. 

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