Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Shelter Loves....

I should really be making dinner for my starving children but I decided to pour a glass of wine and blog about what is on my radar! lol. Don't you love summer? I really don't do well well with too much structure and my kids are pretty chill. Have a great night. xx

1. White dresses, they are very flattering, especially if you have been kissed by the sun this summer. Here's a flattering one
2. Warm, worn brass faucets and pulls.
3. Beach cottages, summer sunsets, crushed stone driveways, vintage cars/jeeps/rovers and JULY. This image is heaven to me. I do not want a large house or yard. 
4. YES! I am not talking - pull a rabbit out of a hat magic, (that I do not like) I am talking about believing that what is next to come into your life is magical. I made a very necessary shift in my world recently. I listened to my gut and silenced my fears, these moments can be very uncomfortable but they also mean you are wise and doing what you need to do to live a healthy, peaceful and happy life. 💓
5. I love to travel and I feel calmer when I am organized. This tech case by Stow is perfect. Also, Meghan Markle has one and honestly, I adore her style. 
6. I am a bit of a music addict. I listen and download it often. This little speaker is ideal for the beach and your kitchen. I am also going to set up my old Bose system in my new office. It still sounds great. 

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