Monday, November 18, 2019

Shelter Loves - Monday edition

Happy Monday! Do we have another choice? November marks the season of raw and cold weather here in Boston, this year I'm approaching the colder months and holidays with a positive mindset...I had every intention of posting this on the normally scheduled day, better late than never. Enjoy your week and a glimpse of what's on my mind design wise. xx

1. It must be a little girl in me but I think bows look so pretty on adult women! Here is a lovely French version
2. I spent much of the weekend organizing my home and the areas behind closed doors. I swear, I feel lighter today. I donated three large bags of clothing.
3. I try my best to keep life in perspective. I consider good health to be the greatest blessing.
4. Cozy boots are my "go to" during the winter months. Aren't these darling?
5. How do you feel about the return of  Dr. Martens? I had a pair in the 90's. I am wondering if they are someplace at my parent's house? They are all over NYC and Europe. I think they look best with fitted pants and leggings..
6. This winter, I am fully embracing the Norwegians' concept of warmth, togetherness and comfort that is referred to as "Koselig". Later this week, I'll be sharing ways to bring this feeling into your home. It is also a general outlook on life during the dark, cold winter months.

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