Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Fun Project - Sneak Peek

I have so much fun designing children's rooms...They are usually all about great use of color.
Here is a sneak peek. I'm actually working on two separate girl's rooms among others with this project! Can't wait to post the end results!! {fabric info. listed below}

{window seat}

Fabric Info: Image one: this is the most gorgeous floral print, there are a number of other flowers throughout the fabric : Kravet: Hemiola -715, Image two: Rubie Green - Tillinghast, if you haven't ordered from Rubie Green yet, I highly recommend their fabrics, they're durable, green and of course graphically beautiful, Image three: Designer's Guild, Berkeley D1400-03 - seat cushion fabric.
{as always feel free to email me with any ??}


Steph said...

Can't wait to see the final product! I'm going to re-do my daughters room in the near future and would love some great inspiration! I have already purchased several of Heather Bailey's fabrics for her bedding.
I'd love to see more of the rooms you've designed!

Laura Casey Interiors said...

cute fabrics! can't wait to see it.

Porchlight Interiors said...

Love your choice of fabrics...can't wait to see the end result! Tracey

Greta Petra said...

I hope there will be a few after photos??! I love the fabrics you have picked out already...they will create a very fun and vibrant environment!
xoxo Greta

The Goods Design said...

LOVE Rubie Green fabrics!

Chic Coles (Cole Design) said...

Great fabrics. Looks like they will be fun projects. Can not wait to see end results!

My name: Julie My design firm: SHELTER said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
My name: Julie My design firm: SHELTER said...

Oh yes there will be "after" photos. I hope to finsh up the room within the next six weeks or so!! Thanks for your kind comments. J


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