Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Where I'd like to...

Powder my nose!
I thought I'd share a bit of elegance with you today. I especially love the wall of antiqued mirror behind the sink and that gorgeous chandelier. Very Parisian!


Charlotta Ward said...

I love a bathroom that is a proper 'room' and not just a little space where everything is squeezed in.
The floor to ceiling mosaic wall and mirror tiled wall really help make this room feel bigger.
Lovely find!

Ivy Lane said...

LOVE... would like marble floors there... wonder if the wood is "bathed" in lots of polyurethane!!!

Design Wanna-be said...

The wall of mirrors is super cool! Oh my goodness, I love that idea.

Jen said...

How am I just now discovering your blog? I think I'm in love!


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