Wednesday, August 17, 2011

as I promised

I promised to share more of Mona Ross Berman's work yesterday. Aren't you glad I did? I love her use of color and pattern. She touches on all the details beautifully. It actually reminds me a bit of my own style, I guess it makes as to why I like it!!
I'm using a very similar rug on a project right now! It's so graphic and fun.
Rose Cummings Zebrine wallpaper can be a tough sell for a client! I think I have to use this in the powder room when I move. I haven't grown tired of Zebrine since first spying it about five years ago.


LindsB said...

mmmm, all that color is amazing. LOVE her work!

MissBliss said...

these are all great, and picture 5 makes my heart sing. love that little reading nook chair too :)

Jennifer Dengel said...

Two years ago my galley kitchen was papered in the blue and white Rose Cumming Zebrine wallpaper. Not a day goes by that I don't LOVE being in that kitchen, enjoying that paper. It was all a clever ruse to distract from my cooking! Julie, when your moment comes to do that powder room with that paper--GO FOR IT!!!

Will Ryles said...

Love!!! The orange wallpaper design and cushion combo.

I can imagine making a feature wall out of it! Not sure if in that tiny bathroom it would be a bit too overpowering though!


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