Thursday, September 1, 2011

Room of the week!

I guess I should re-phrase that to "moment" of the week. I love this dressing table and can only dream of having the time to sit and powder my nose and get ready someday. I'm usually lucky to throw an outfit together while watching my little one tear through my shoes. ;)

image: Pinterest


LindsB said...

mmm, that chair fabric is delish

Ashley said...

And of course the chair fabric is fantastic, too!

With love... said...

Oh so chic!

Priscilla Joy

Sami Felmet said...

I was taking a break from cleaning and rearranging surfaces in my own bathroom when I took a look at this post. I've been going through old photos and had just recently placed a tiny photo of me as a child into a little silver frame. After seeing the blog, guess where that photo is now?? Love it!!
Sami - the keeper of the pig

Regina (Farfala) said...

This is a great room!


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