Wednesday, October 5, 2011

earthy chic

I'm loving the blend of earthy + modern elements that Ellen Degeneres and Portia de Rossi have used in their Beverly Hills home. It's truly a textural and inviting retreat! And the grounds and pool? = Divine!
These oversized sofas are amazing!! One Please!!
Hers + Hers

a side note: I desperately am in need of a night to sit and blog surf with a large glass (emphasize large) of wine! I'm off to a client meeting now, so I hope I can squeeze in some down time later tonight!! I need some fresh sources and ideas and am always very inspired by all my fellow bloggers and designers!!

 Images: Architectural Digest


blue fruit said...

It's a really interesting mix, hard to pull off, but this truly looks like they actually live here. In fact it looks like a lot of people would love to live here! It's so casual and inviting, yet stylish too. I can imagine just flopping down in one of those sofas with a good glass of wine and a great book, simply enjoying the atmosphere.
And that setting for the pool....oooaahh!

My Interior Life said...

I spot another Serge Mouille fixture. I'm dying over this house. Love it.

RealBeauty said...

I LOVE this posting! I agree! It is always perfect when I can just sit with a big glass of wine and blog for an hour or even two!

claire said...

I loved what you said in your side note about getting recharged, it just seemed to hit a note with me. Love your blog - it's just all cool.


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