Saturday, October 8, 2011

Fashion Randomness

I seriously need to get back to blogging at least four days a week! I have been swamped in every way possible lately! Writing and reading other blog posts is the cheapest therapy I've ever had!! I love it and need to tune in (and out) more!! I miss my daily escape! I know this fashion post is kind of random but come Fall I'm always looks for fresh fashion inspiration. I like to take what I own and mix it up with a few new pieces! I'm loving and channeling all of these looks lately!! I'm heading to Vermont in a few for some much needed r and r. I'm going to pack a similar outfit to Jennifer's chic but casual look above! Have a wonderful weekend, I hope it's a long one for you! xx.

I need to figure out how to wear my hair like this!! Time for a big barrel curling iron!

Seriously, was she not the most fabulous dresser?? Effortless style, I can hardly stand it!!
Gwyneth has been everywhere lately, I'm also a big fan of her style. (oh and I have been working my way through her cook book as promised - I'll share of my favorite recipes soon)


Francine Gardner said...

I love Gwyneth style, chic casual at its best.
Enjoy Vermont, it should be beautiful at this time of the year

a beautiful space said...

Great style, I especially love the last pic. Very grace Kelly, timeless and elegant.

a beautiful space said...

Great style, I especially love the last pic. Very Grace Kelly, timeless and elegant.

Notes From ABroad said...

Gwyneth Paltrow has ridiculously thick naturally very curly hair that she straightens. So it waves easily and with my stick straight hair, I have a hard time not hating her some days :)
She does have great style.

Anonymous said...

love every pic! Barrel curls...this actually worked on my super straight hair...the sock bun method.


Priscilla Joy said...

All so lovely!

Have an exquisite week.


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