Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Shiny + Bright

 I'll be styling two jobs after the holidays, so lots of fabulous goodies are on the way to my client's home.  I just purchased these moss balls, they're going in an over sized bowl! Their texture and shade got me thinking about how mossy and emerald green add such a beautiful pop to neutral interiors. I love the crisp, clean, but colorful approach to this home. I'd add another layer of "stuff" myself, but none the less, this place is gorge.
These green drapes are fabulous! Green + Gray = perfection

 Images: Veranda, September 2011.
Moss Balls: The Garden Gates


Samantha Chu Ramage. said...

it's like lemon and lime!


Alyson said...

LOVE these pops of green! I recently found lime green dining room chairs at Homegoods; now working on incorporating them into the space. Love your blog, btw.

Lisa Mende Design said...

i so agree Julie! Love those moss balls, do you mind me asking where you found them? i have been looking for some myself! i currently have a photo on my blog that shows how the green adds a pop of color in the decor.

Linda said...

Julie - Thank you for the inspiration these greens are wonderful! Check out my post today
I mentioned your blog. Cheers!

Catarina Santi said...

oh so lovely photos !!

merry christmas !!

Liza said...

Before, I would say that green should be use minimum for decoration, but 2 weeks ago I saw a completely green kitchen and I liked it!


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