Friday, April 29, 2011


With the romance and beauty of the Royal Wedding. Kate looks stunning. I'll leave you with this quote, have a wonderful weekend.  Also, my thoughts go out to all of you affected by the tragic storms and tornados down south. xx.

 Images: BBC, Pinterest.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Mother's Day Gift Guide on Lil Hoot

Two of the items on my gift list!!

My darling friend Sarah asked me to share my Mother's Day gift guide picks with her. Check out my selections along with many more on her adorable blog Lil Hoot!
1. Elva Fields - I will purchase one of this designer's fabulous necklaces someday.
2. Shoes - Gentle Souls through Piperlime - perfect for running after little ones..

A bit of Brit.

With the royal wedding taking place tomorrow how could I resist a British inspired post?
I won't be up at 4:00 a.m. to sip tea and catch the extravagant affair, but you can be sure I'll be catching pieces of it all day! A number of images come to mind when thinking of England. I've only shared a few....

1. Erdem's studio
2. The Union Jack
3. Pillow for The Rug Company by British designer Alice Temperley
4. Alice Temperley - I love her dress.
5. English Roses - Cath Kidston - via British Home and Garden
6. & 7. Lulu Guiness's dining and bedroom (more english roses)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Decisions, decisions

Isn't this a great idea?? If you have the extra space {or closet} why not convert it into a dressing nook? I would also add drawers for all my baubles, bags and scarfs. I love the framed couture fashion bags too. {which I'd better frame, because I can't say that I can afford much from Hermes or Prada.} How cute would this look painted a light shade of pink or better yet wallpapered in something simple but glamorous. I've been slowly transforming my bedroom into a feminine retreat. I can't wait to share the finished shots but for today I have a question. I have a white lacquered tray, and plan to collect my perfume and creams in it.  I usually only own one or two fragrances at a time. I'm looking to make some fresh changes in my life, so buying a new fragrance seemed like a no-brainer to me, {especially because my husband gave me the one I currently use} turns out it isn't. Here are three of the contenders below. I actually wear Hanae Mori now. It has a very clean scent. I know fragrances are quite personal but I'm stuck, and thought who better to ask then my fabulous readers, so what is your favorite fragrance? 

Burberry - Sheer

Top Image via: Moth Design

Monday, April 25, 2011

Under the weather

I'm a bit under the weather, it's the reason for the absent post today. I did however have time to inspire you with this image! A summer outfit maybe? If you can't or don't do short, shorts, you could go a bit longer. J. Crew has a number of lengths. Hope to be back soon!

via: The Chloe Conspiracy

Friday, April 22, 2011

thinking about..

I try not to make hasty decisions with purchases, even small purchases, because they tend to add up. My rule of thumb {unless I'm so smitten with something I can't leave the store} is that if I'm still thinking about the item days later, it's a sound purchase! I've grown to be pretty finicky, I'd rather not clutter up my home and closet with impulse buys. With that said, I keep checking the Nate Berkus HSN site for this bowl. I may have to snag it soon!

Room {house} of the week 4.22 - Bungalow Love

My wish, dream, plan, goal is to buy a cute little three bedroom bungalow in a town by the sea.  On my budget it will be a fixer upper, but that's okay, designers love projects they can control from the start. I wouldn't need much more room then this! Pictured is the Louisiana bungalow of designer Anna Beth Chao. Isn't it darling? I especially like the grey master bedroom. Have a "happy" weekend!

xx. Julie
 images: i-village - Joanna Goddard

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Inspired - Jean Randazzo

Good photography plays such a key role in capturing a designers overall vision. I love discovering and perusing photographer's sites. Jean Randazzo has a great eye. All of her compositions are beautifully composed and layered. She also has the ability to capture the luminescent qualities of natural light. I spy a number of designer's here, don't you?

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

April Showers - Part Trois!

I promise it's going to stop raining soon, then you'll look much more like these pretties below.
Like one reader wrote, " I never look this chic in the rain", I'd have to agree. 
I'm usually running someplace with a big hood over my head!

How do you feel about all the white they're showing for the summer? I like it, but need to find the "perfect white jean". They aren't as forgiving as the dark skinnies. Maybe I'll go with white bell bottoms.
Good Night.
images: Patterson Maker

Pink & Yellow

Pink and Yellow are the colors I'm using in my daughter's bedroom! I'm so excited that I'm finally making some progress.  I've painted the walls, the rug is in, the light fixture is hung; I have quite a bit more to do but I plan to paint her dresser a bright shade of yellow this weekend. In a perfect world the easter bunny would set it up on Saturday night...We'll see....

Here's a little peek below, we didn't show much in the photo shoot because the room isn't ready!

images: ?, Canadian House and Home, Bellini Portraits.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Mamapreneurs - Shelter feature

The very talented Stephanie Piscitelli from Bellini portraits has a great Mamapreneurs series. Today she has featured Shelter, and my kiddies on her blog!

2. My gallery wall in my downstairs hallway
3. An updated shot of my inspiration board

4. I painted the large number three. It's pretty sentimental considering all that has gone "down" in my life over the past six months!!

Stephanie was an absolute pleasure to work with, I'll be hiring her this summer to take photographs of my children at the beach!! Her work is beautiful!


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