Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Hello, hello sorry it's been a late blogging week. I've been swamped but am happy to report that I've hired two part time assistants! Hopefully with the much needed help, I'll have a bit more time to get creative with the design blogging!! I hope to have some fresh and updated posts to share with you all this Fall!!

Okay, onto the post. I'm still spying spots everywhere! Which for me is a good thing, they add just the right amount of energy and a bit of hip factor to a home or outfit. Be it antelope, polka dots or leopard, it doesn't really matter to me, I adore them all. Happy Wednesday!
 Images: Pinterest, Elle Decor and Atlantic-Pacific, Coco Cozy (top right image)

Monday, August 29, 2011

A beautiful gathering - A sip and see for baby June

It's always so exciting to receive an invite from my amazingly talented friend Sarah. She is the creative force behind Lil Hoot events.  Sarah recently held a sip and see in the beginning of August to give all of her sister in law's friends (also a great friend of mine) an opportunity to meet her precious new daughter June. The overall theme was the pineapple, a symbol of hospitality and good fortune, read the historical details below. Sarah never misses a detail, her events are always perfectly beautiful! It was a wonderful treat being there in such a creative environment to meet baby June. I couldn't resist sharing the photos by Meredith Nelson. For all the details and information on the designers behind the stationery, and goodies, see Sarah's blog here.
I recently helped Sarah with some design work at her home, we recovered the corner wing chair in pink with white piping. I also never tire of La Fiorentina fabric by David Hicks.
How adorable is this set up?
A little bit of history on the pineapple, the tradition actually began in Salem, Ma.
Sarah shared this message with all of us:

In neighboring salem, massachusetts, about 200 years ago, a ship's captain had just returned from the South Pacific, knocked on the door of a stately mansion on Chestnut Street and presented the owner with an exotic fruit... a pineapple. Gilded pineapple carvings soon appeared on the homes of coastal New England and confirmed that hospitality was to be found within.

the image of the pineapple came to express the sense of welcome, good cheer, human warmth and family affection inherent to gracious home gatherings.

thank you, sweet friends, for joining us to celebrate and welcome baby june.

please enjoy these friendship sweets. {dark chocolate}

We sipped Sangria while fanning ourselves on the steamy, summer afternoon.
A photo of my sweet friend Sarah
 Sarah - Congratulations on another amazing event. 
 Lauren - We love June, she's beautiful. You are such a wonderful Mommy.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Found it!

I've been spotting these vintage lotus lights around and love them! If I don't use this fixture on a project soon, I may just have to buy one for my self!! The one pictured above is priced at $600 through Decor Interiors US. Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Gray and Glamorous

Although designer Lisa Martensen's home was featured and photographed two years ago in D Magazine. I still love her freshly curated collection of furniture and feminine objects. And her use of varying shades of gray? Are simply and subtly glamorous!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Last Hurrah

I couldn't agree with that quote more. I'm away enjoying the last sunny, warm days of the summer. The prosecco will be flowing and I'm without wifi (but now at a little cafe with free wifi in a remote town). Enjoy your weekend! xx, Julie

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

as I promised

I promised to share more of Mona Ross Berman's work yesterday. Aren't you glad I did? I love her use of color and pattern. She touches on all the details beautifully. It actually reminds me a bit of my own style, I guess it makes as to why I like it!!
I'm using a very similar rug on a project right now! It's so graphic and fun.
Rose Cummings Zebrine wallpaper can be a tough sell for a client! I think I have to use this in the powder room when I move. I haven't grown tired of Zebrine since first spying it about five years ago.


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