Friday, March 9, 2012

randomness on my radar

Fashion inspiration a la classic Bridgette Bardot! I love the idea of fitted cropped pants, a simple t, and swept back full hair!  I would add ballet flats to this look!

Over-dyed antique rugs - They add great depth and interest to a room

Custom cabinets using grilles/screens based on vintage pieces. 

Pink Eye shadow for Spring

This entire outfit!


xo J and V said...

Enjoying your randomness:)Love the antiqued rugs!

xo J and V said...

Enjoying your randomness! Love the antiqued rugs especially that brilliant turquoise!

lisa Mende Design said...

love it all!

NotesFromAbroad said...

Being blonde, the pink eyeshadow thing doesn't work so well. Unless I am going for the White Rabbit look :)

I do love that cabinet ..


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