Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Inspired - Clam Bake!

WOW, it's amazing what you can get accomplished at midnight. I've been so busy lately that I decided to work through a good part of the wee hours of the morning and was then up at 5:15! It's actually amazing what you can accomplish without any mid-day interruptions!

From the looks of my blog posts lately you can see where the non-work related half of my brain is! I just LOVE the summer and all it's wonderfulness. When I find my cottage (hopefully getting close) I WILL absolutely restart the family tradition of a yearly Clambake! It doesn't get much better then fresh seafood, cold beer and great laughs with friends and family! That's what down time should be all about! Happy Summertime!


Marissa Heather said...

being from the south, i totally know what you mean about seafood inspired get togethers. it's traditional where i live to do crawfish & crab boils. i'm hungry just thinking about it!


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