Thursday, November 29, 2012

Cottage Love #5

I'm back on track with my cottage posts. I've found yet another stunner. It's not overly modest in size but the photos shown are certainly not over the top (especially for a famous actress who obviously makes gobs of money, well relatively speaking). I'm obsessed with California, bungalow style (almost) everything. I love the ease of the rooms and the large windows, the wood ceilings and the casually chic details. I also envy the fact that the sun seems to shine for most of the year. I can't move to L.A. for a slew of reasons but I can dream and infuse a bit of southern California cool into my own house. (plus I'm sure I'd miss the charm of New England if I left) These are updated shots of Amanda Peet's home, it was recently featured in Vogue. I know all my equally design crazed readers remember the pics. in Domino Magazine. Enjoy! I'm actually off to AZ for a few days. Happy Weekend! Cheers till Monday.
A great little back yard = check
wild flowers = check
gorgeous pool = check
Multi-paned windows = check
Built in seating, crisp white walls = check
0 overly matched spaces = check
Vintage Rugs = check
Black and white photos on clean white/bright walls = check (got to love her smile and laugh)


faye said...

such a gorgeous place!

Vintage Finds said...

Love this actress and like her even more for her relaxed living style! Love that hallway ... that's one I will use for inspiration on our next build! Thanks for sharing. Jennifer x


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