Friday, September 28, 2012

Shelter loves 9.28.12

pinning, loving, pinning this week! Have a fabulous weekend! xx
1. The Chinti and Parker heart sweater for Goop. Sadly I won't be owning this one, it's $515.00 and a bit out of my "snack bracket" for a sweater.
2. Soft cozy blankets exactly like this! similar blankets here
3. Love this brass bar cart and the price is right: Crate and Barrel
4. Adore these Sandy Hyun cuffs
5. The Chloe Erin riding boot. These would be perfection paired with jeans and a chunky knit sweater
6. Gwen poses perfectly on the cover of this month's Bazaar! She's 43 and still looks killer! Rock on Gwen!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

bar continued...

Here's a different detail shot of Amanda's bar set up, in what appears to be another home. I love how she places vintage pitchers in pulled out drawers and distinctive objects to give her home character and charm. I found this shot in an article by Rita Konig in Inside Out magazine.

Bahama style

The crisp chilly mornings are a reminder of what is around the corner here in Boston. Right now I'm embracing and loving The Fall.  My dream (and hope) as I build and continue to grow my interior design business is to one day have a remote office (in either The Bahamas or Palm Beach) where I'll live and work during the frigid Boston winters. I've always been drawn to the casual, crisp and slightly retro-glam cottage style of this area. I loved the layered mix designer Amanda Lindroth used in her own home in this month's House Beautiful. The idea of having a boat at a dock in your backyard sounds like perfection to me! I'm also really still drawn to navy and royal blues right now!
I love a glimpse at a great bar set up, it almost tells you something about how the inhabitants live.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Critter Prints

Are popping up everywhere. Are they a yea or nay (couldn't resist) for you?
image via: Sterling Style, top: Zara (Spring 12)
LOVE IT! I may need this with my low Frye boots, faux fur vest and skinny jeans for Fall. 
Tory Burch Spring 2013 collection

available here

available here

available here
As you know, I love fox motifs, (as worn by moi last week) so I couldn't resist the fox top from Zara. I got it in NYC.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

turning inward

I've decided to embrace Fall, 'tis the season for nesting in my world. Cooking yummy comfort food, sipping warming cocktails, snuggling with a cozy blanket and a good book, and entertaining with great apps and music is on tap for me this Autumn. I love the idea of setting up a well stocked bar with vintage antique sterling accessories. Warm comforting hues and preppy "library" style are perfect right now....
1. The J.Crew cashmere collection is drool worthy
2. A little leopard goes a long way and would complete this look beautifully.
3. C. Wonder pillows
4. The velvet slipper is one of the "must" have comfies for this Fall. Tory Burch
5. My cocktail choice. (Maybe someday I'll warm up to a good scotch, a sip or two is about what I can drink now). El Tesoro with a splash of sour, lime and salted rim carries me through the summer and into the Fall. (along with red wine of course)
6. The XX - coexist, this is their new album. I love this band's cool sound.
7. I can't wait to overhaul my glass collection when I move. These gold spotted beauties would work!! via Bed, Bath and Beyond.
8. I have one more classic book to read before the year's end. (it was a part of my January resolution list).

Happy Fall to you!! xx

Monday, September 24, 2012

i heart

via Rue
See like I said earlier, good design, all goes back to layering!! I have a moroccan wedding blanket on my wish list for my new bedroom digs! Wedding Blankets available here

Friday, September 21, 2012

Shelter loves 9.21.12

I'm adoring ALL things cozy and camel this week!
1. The Wendy Schwartz (image via Lonny) seating area within a bedroom. The mix of textiles, colors and shapes are fabulous. There are those sheep skin rugs again. Perfect for this time of year! I dread the day I have to turn the heat on in my house, today was it. It was a chilly 61 degrees in here this morning!
2. Camel bags! This Prada version would work.
3. A Fall plus? Scarf season. I love layering scarfs with outfits. A burberry classic is the way to go!
4. Albert Hadley design board!! - Simply inspiring.
5. Feather details and motifs. I'm seeing them everywhere.  Bracelet

the booties!

I had a quite a few inquires as to the source of this photo and those adorable booties! The boots are from Aldo, here's the post link!! Happy Friday! (although I don't see the exact booties on their site) These look like they have a heel.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

sneak peek - kitchen

I have three great jobs I need to have photographed right now! This being one of them. It's a kitchen design...more to come when the job's been shot! (I'm thinking of investing in a nice camera - do you have a favorite digital, my 35mm was the canon eos rebel)


ps. thanks to my client for sending this photo along.

cozy down

It's getting chilly round' here in the a.m.. A sure sign that it's time to "cozy" down your house. My favorite aspect of design? Is the art of layering. Layering is what creates that "this room looks amazing" moment. Try layering (real or faux) animal print blankets and sheep skins over your sofa, chairs and bed for a layered, comfy, warm hangout spot!
Your furry friend will love you for it too!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The "Fun" Bun

So as I'm sure you've noticed, loose, casual hair styles are making an appearance this Fall. (and over this past summer). What's particularly caught my eye is the return of the relaxed hair knot or as I recently read the "fun bun". It's far from the uptight and stuffy bun of yesteryear but more of a carefree style. I'm somewhat obsessed with G.P.'s style, girlfriend always looks perfectly pulled together. I'm not sure I can perfect the knot without a hair pin but as a girl who often wears her hair up you'd better believe I'll be donning this style, this Fall.
This is basically what I'll be wearing this Fall..Love those suede booties!


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