Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Love the Look

I've decided to share another casual fashion post this week. I guess you know where my head is. I'll go with something frilly + springy next week, promise. I'm looking forward to wearing my colorful frocks and printed spring/summer pieces, but it feels more like February here lately. I also just realized most of my spring clothing is in storage; sounds like just as good an excuse as any to go shopping for some new attire! I also booked a trip last week for the Nantucket Wine Festival in May. I'll surely need a new wine tasting outfit.
I was inspired by the above photo but decided to tweak the look slightly. I don't really wear ripped jeans. I have one vintage pair and might throw them on once a year, if that. Wow, do I sound old? I do, however, like the look of washed out jeans, so I shared a J.Crew version instead.
Happy Wednesday! It's been a bit of a rough week. I'll be happy when cocktail hour rolls around. Cheers!
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designchic said...

So, so cute - love the red belt and stripe shirt - chic and casual.

Genevieve said...

I want this look to become my uniform! Truly the perfect combination of classic and chic w/ an ounce of prep. I just scored this over-sized clutch (technically a tablet case)so I'm not too far off:

Where is the clutch you pictured here from? The link keeps bringing me to the jeans.

Thanks for your daily posts!

My name: Julie My design firm: SHELTER said...

Very nice! It's a Claire Vivier clutch. Oops, The link is fixed!!

Genevieve said...

amazing! Thanks for responding and re-linking :)

Jen of MadeByGirl said...

i have the same clutch, its one of my faves...



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