Tuesday, April 2, 2013


If you haven't had the opportunity to peruse Adore Home's April/May issue, I'd recommend you do! It's filled with fashionably inspired homes, closets and fashionistas. Angela Perikic's, owner of Glamourpuss Boutique in Australia, home especially caught my eye. She and her designer Greg Natale, pulled out all the stops on this glamour laden goodie!
The subtle layering of color, texture and pattern are pure perfection in this pic!

This chair, that paper??!! OBSESSED! Powder room maybe?? In my (hopefully soon to be) new home!

Angela's daughter's room

 For all the sources and more photographs of this house see: ADORE Magazine


Maryanne said...

Love the grey and yellow theme, and have used this many times in landscape designs. It all looks like such a happy house

Elisa of Fancy Free Me said...

So excited to read this issue! I keep seeing bits and pieces everywhere! Do you know any with some extra time they can lend me?!


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