Friday, March 29, 2013

Pretty Palms

I love how the spring weather brings not just warmer temps, but ushers in pretty prints and cheery colors! I'm due for a little spring shopping, and again, my philosophy on that is: choose wisely, buy less. I want to add a couple prints to my closet. This Palm print dress from Tuckernuck, would be perfectHere's a bit more palm inspired prettiness! Have a wonderful holiday weekend! Happy Easter and spring!

And if green is not your thing:

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Shelter Loves

Pinning color + vintage inspired goodness this week!! Read on for the details on this week's collage!

Links: 3/4/5/6/7

1. I'm attempting to water color Easter eggs with my kiddies tomorrow afternoon. These are so pretty and happy.
2. How about a pink + orange inspired table, with tightly packed vases of tulips?
3. + 4. I need one of these Mexican embroidered pretties for the summer season. I'd most likely belt mine!
5. Ahh, jewels and baubles, I can never have enough. This gorgeous one caught my eye this week. 
6. I'm so happy to see the neon pink trend continuing this season!
7.  I presented a set of vintage culver glassware to a client this week! These would add instant glamour to your bar!
8. I'm constantly inspired by vintage fashion and beautiful, classic Hollywood icons. I want Monica Vitti's sultry lashes!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Love the look

I can feel myself shifting into Spring mode. The days are longer and the air feels (dare I say) warmer. I had a conversation last night with a friend about lifestyle and dressing, it was the impetus for today's post.  I love to get dressed up in my little bootie heels and cute tops when I venture out at night but on a day to day basis a more casual look makes so much more sense for me. I'm usually shlepping paint samples, pouring through fabrics at the design center or running around with my kiddies. I like to look fashionable, yes, but comfort and a bit of practicality are key for me! So my secret is out! I'd rather dress down then up in the morning! The above look definitely suits my mood today = Casual!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Hello loves! I hope your week is off to a great start. I've been running's not a bad thing to be busy. I wanted to share some happenings 'round here. First up, are design boards I recently finished for a bed-room revamp. I've devised a classic, bohemian mix with shots of color. We're going to attempt to paint a lamp a la Bunny Williams style. The color above is a bit off. I'll most likely match the Tulu textile print.
I'll be sure to share the final photos of this project with you in a couple of months.  We're working on this project with a budget but isn't that how most of us live? I know I do! (but of course dream as though I don't).

Here's a peek at another project. I was very happy with the hex-tile!!
Finally, I snuck in some great vintage shopping yesterday with my assistant. I scored this heavy, gold plated necklace for $8 along with some other amazing finds for one of my clients!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Shelter Loves...

I awoke to a sunny day and beautifully white coated trees. We received about five inches of snow last night. I'm not going to complain about our extended winter here in Boston but what I'd really love to see is springy pastels, and daffodil flowers. I'm ready to wear my girlie treasures and may be adding that adorable feminine blouse and floral cuff to my "wish list". Happy Spring + weekend!

1. I'm dying to paint a room in a pale pastel shade, preferably the perfect blend of pale minty green and aqua blue. This room is designed by Melanie Turner.

2. I'd love to build a design around this painting's fabulous array of subtle color. by Lindsay Cowles

3. Hello, pretty, you belong on my arm.

4. I like to purchase unique blouses, but they can be tough to find. This feminine, flirty top is so pretty.

5. A leap of faith!

6. This is my everyday shade!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Love the Look - Spring wish list

Fashionably speaking this week, I'm inspired more by a fashion icon then one look! Giovanna Battaglia is hands down one of my top three fashionable faves. I'm always curious to see what she'll pull together. I've been dreaming about my spring clothing wish list, (I'm so over this winter) Here are some staples that made the cut (I need both a new everyday clutch and a wallet, hence the redundancy there)! I'm a firm believer in saving for what you love. I think the quote below sums that up perfectly. Who are some of your favorite stylish ladies (or gents)?  p.s. These pieces aren't all meant to be worn together...although most do mix well!
*3 for a similar look in white or black, I'm loving this top by Emerson Fry.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Talking tradition

I'd call myself a "transitionalist." I love modern, forward thinking designs. I can't help but ground them with a classic foundation. I often look to iconic designers such as Billy Baldwin, Albert Hadley, Dorothy Draper, and David Hicks for inspiration. I'm using this transitional time in my life to decipher how I'd like to live in my next home. I'd eventually like to venture out and set up an office on a quaint little main street in a town such as Hingham, MA.  Until then, I'm going to take over the dining room space to set up as an office.

Below are pictures of Bunny William's and Charlotte Moss's (first images) design offices. They are grand, functional, and yes, classic, but they are also warm, and inviting. These leading ladies have proven themselves as both forward thinkers and design icons.

I think an office should be functional and comfortable but should also embrace the designer's vision.

Lastly, I've shared Betsy Burnham and Kelly Wearstler's spaces. They are younger, fresher and hipper.

Shelter's office will, of course, have a strong identity but will incorporate aspects of all four of the offices featured:  a large central table, check;  fabulous lighting, check; storage and more storage, check;  art, check; tack boards, check; vintage glamour, check.   I think you get the picture.


This entrance and central work table is perfection!!!


and then there are Kelly's offices...glamour galore!! I'm impressed by the design empire she continues to build...

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Artist - Kerri Rosenthal

I love discovering new artists for myself and clients!  Kerri's a woman after my own heart, clearly she's not afraid of using color. Her dynamic paintings would be the inspiration or perfect finishing piece for almost any environment. Below is just a small sampling of her work, see and learn more here.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Pretty pink, please

I started my day off with a delightful client meeting. She embraced her own style and wasn't afraid of color! Her home had loads of character and she had a great eye for one of a kind vintage finds! That's always a bonus in my world. We got to talking about colors for her home, prints, schemes and all that design "stuff", which got me thinking about the idea of introducing one colorful upholstered piece into a room. I think pops of color look best balanced with neutrals, and moments of peace, not everything in your design should shout for equal attention.

Come March, I crave the shades of pretty blooms and fresh grass. I definitely think I see a pink upholstered "something" in my near future and hopefully home! I've been saving an array of inspirational images this winter....

I helped choose this punchy pink shade with white piping for my friend Sarah, from Lil Hoot blog. (Sarah has fabulous taste! How cute is this photo of her french bulldogs?)

These metal chair's look fab in pink. Hmm, not sure if that's an actual shutter but it feels out of place to me!
India Hick's home
Love the design of Lee's sofa. Custom, custom indeed.. I also love the idea of an over sized coffee table.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Shelter Loves..

So the green references weren't really intentional, I guess subconsciously my 1/4 of Irish heritage is shining through. Here's what's on my radar this week!!

1. I love classic studs with a twist, I wear them everyday!
2. This Spring's floral prints are not only sophisticated but more sexy then sweet.
3. These mint storage boxes are very sweet!
4. I'm working on a number of projects right now, including a teen aged girl's bath room. This springy Christopher Farr fabric happily made the cut this week!!
5. I'm also starting a kitchen renovation, at the end of our initial meeting I told the client to hand me her favorite kitchen inspiration picture, she handed me this photo. I love it! The windows make the space!
6. This vintage, brass towel caddy would surely add a dash of glamour to your powder room. Buy it here!
7. Hello, Stella!
8. I miss having a house, this pretty moment reminded me of my black, lacquered table, it's in storage... via Elizabeth Foy Larsen, via NY times

Happy Weekend!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Love the look

I actually get bummed out when I can't squeeze in my daily post! It's been a busy, busy week which is a good thing but my poor little blog didn't get enough attention. 
Sleeveless dress + sandal season is (almost) around the corner..eek! I came across this beautiful photo shoot last week. I thought the location, look, + pup were all perfect! I've put together my own version below. (sadly this pretty frock was sold out) I'm booking my trip to the Nantucket wine festival this weekend! Whoo Hoo!  I'd be a happy lady sipping wine in this outfit! (links and other images below) p.s. I had to throw off the look with that green Milly bag!!! It's o.o.c., I need it!! I don't do overly matched's too predictable.


images via: 

Monday, March 11, 2013

A goodie!

I'm big on transformations, they'e truly one of the best parts of my job! A happy client makes for a thrilled designer. This little cottage was beautifully updated. I would have opted for a charcoal paint color over the brown but it's still adorable!

 BEFORE (a sad little house)

 All images via HGTV.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Arbre de Matisse

We're on our hundredth, I mean about tenth snow storm here this winter, so thoughts of spring and blossoming buds are heavily on my mind these days. I've decided when I finally move (slim pickings on the market right now) I'm going to mix things up and make some decorative changes...(obviously) I have an old tired chair with classic lines sitting at my upholsterer. I think a classic print is the way to go, this way I won't tire of the design. Quadrille's Arbre de Matisse may be a contender.
Bill Baldwin's original design in 1965
They look pretty perfect to me Tory B.!


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