Thursday, March 13, 2014


Wow! How is it Thursday already? This week has been a whirlwind but filled with some great things! I was thrilled to attend a "social networking" speaking series on Tuesday morning at the Boston Design Center. My dear friend and fabulous designer Erin Gates of Elements of Style hosted the event and interviewed Anne and Suysel of Tilton Fenwick design. It was so nice to finally put a face with their names. They had lots of great tips for everyone and were sweet hearts. Their new fabric is line is gorge!! Check it out at Duralee if you haven't had a chance yet. I brought almost every sample back to my office this week. I have a number of amazing projects under way. I can't wait to incorporate this their designs!
Anne and Suysel

I'm also thrilled to announce the pre-release of Erin's new design book. Erin and I go way back. We met while working together at a design firm in Boston ten years ago. (I'm not sure where the time goes!!). Erin slaved over her book. It was truly a labor of love and I have no doubt this mini-memoir/design book will be filled with humor and beauty. I'm pre ordering my copy this weekend. Purchase a pre-release version here today! It will arrive October 7th.

Congratulations Erin!! I'm very proud of you lady! xoxoxo

(image by Michael J. Lee design by Jennifer K. Beal Davis)


Lily L-M said...

I am a big Erin fan as well! Elements of Style introduced me to the blogging world... Somehow I missed that you were in the Boston area -- I will be moving back there soon!


Anonymous said...

We loved meeting you Julie!! such a fan of your blog. Thanks for the post and would be a dream if you used any of our fabrics in your upcoming projects!!!

A+S / Tilton Fenwick said...

Was great to meet you Tuesday, Julie! We are long-time followers of Shelter too :) So exciting to hear you liked the fabrics and would just be a thrill to see you use in any of your chic projects!!!


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