Thursday, July 17, 2014

Beauty Beat - Tata Harper

I always say that if I wasn't an interior designer I would have "tried" to have been a dermatologist with my own skin care line. I'd like to think it would be along the lines of Tata Harper's fabulous product but maybe with a seaside concept. Tata is the engineer and creator of this 100% natural, organic skin care brand that grows 12% of the ingredients on her farm in Vermont. I'm in need of some new facial products so I'm going to try the resurfacing face mask first.  Tata lives on her farm in Vermont with her family and array of rescue animals. Love it!

               click links or images below to order: lip balm, cleanser, eye cream, mask   

1 comment:

Lily L-M said...

It really seems like she embodies her brand! I love it, thanks for sharing!

x Lily


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