Monday, September 22, 2014

Love the look

I'm back, I'm back! I was away last week with Ace Hardware at a trade show. It was a successful week but it was a busy one. I'm happy to be blogging again today!!

I think Fall dressing is one of my favorites. The mix of warm and cool weather allows you to add and layer your array pieces. I came across the above photo last week when searching Pinterest while at the airport. I love the look of high + low, chic + casual. This is basically how I dress on a daily basis. (when I'm not wearing yoga pants).  Those Chanel Espadrille high tops are amazing but are now only available on ebay!! So I subbed them out for one of Fall's hottest trends - the converse high tops. (they have been all the rage in Europe for a couple of years now) 
1/2 (the Dior knock-off) /3/4/5/6

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designchic said...

Chic and casual - perfect for everyday. Adore the jcrew coat!


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