Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Feminine living......thoughts on home

As I have mentioned, my goal to finish my home by the holidays.. (or almost finish it anyway). I figured I would take the advice I give to my own clients when they are feeling frazzled by their projects:  "Let's finish the room(s) that you (or we) have started so you feel as though one space is finished." This gives you both a clear sense direction and accomplishment!

My bedroom is almost finished. It only needs a few finishing touches so I have decided to wrap that up. The room will be the most feminine one in my home, besides my daughter's bedroom.

It is a fairly calming space except for a slightly graphic rug. The colors I've used so far are shades of navy, pale pink, and white. There are feminine details that I am drawn to in all of these bedrooms and I too have used a oatmeal color linen bed and fairly neutral bedding. 


Anonymous said...

I love this palette.So soft, so feminine!

Tiffani said...

I love the soft white and pink color carpets used in these rooms. I think those colors of carpets are great options for an elegant and feminine bedroom. If you would like to see other interesting flooring ideas, please look at www.carpetexpress.com/blog

Lisa said...

I love this simplicity, it seems so cozy !

Catherine Groult said...

Nice cosy palette, just perfect to sleep well!


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