Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The black and white of it, holiday decor!

There is something so appealing about the graphic tension between black and white! I'm using this color combo this year as the inspiration for my holiday decor! (stay tuned for another photo shoot of my fireplace and front door decor - I will be sharing my images of Thanksgiving asap. - I can't wait to see them from the photographer!) I am also going to use boxwood wreath's inside my home...purchase one here. Black and white ribbon is available on the Internet. Here are a couple sources..here and here
via Erin Gates I love Erin's home, as you know we are friends. This black and white plaid ribbon is adorable!! Her book would be a wonderful gift!!
via Kate Spade

A simple but gorgeous holiday table


Unknown said...

Trader Joes sells fresh 22" boxwood wreaths for $9.99! I heard the Hanover TJs was out, but as of yesterday the Hingham TJs still had some.

My name: Julie My design firm: SHELTER said...

Great tip!! I will be heading there this week..:)

Cyndi Murdoch said...

Black and white mixed with metals is so elegant.


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