Tuesday, February 17, 2015

French Dressing...The twenty four essentials - Part Une

To piggy back on my Parisian post last week, I thought I would share my love of french fashion a bit more. French women don't own hoards of clothing, they make very wise, selective choices when building their wardrobe. I've been refining my closet since I moved and I too have been trying to do the same. I absolutely believe, when you buy the right pieces they can be mixed and matched to make a number of different looks. This saves money, space, meaningless clutter and future aggravation.

Here I have shared twelve essentials that all most french women own. There are a few more items I would add to this list like: little booties, a leather jacket, a white and denim button down, a cozy, slouchy sweater, a perfect black dress and a pencil skirt..There are a few other "essentials" I'll be sharing but I'll save those for Part Deux , stay tuned......

Emmanuelle Alt and Ines de la Fressange are two of my favorite french fashion icons! Just look at their fabulous style.

BOTTOMS: The white jean, the skinny jean.
TOPS: Breton T, A little white t, A black blazer, grey tank
SHOES: Ballet flats
ACCESSORIES: Earrings, Sunglasses, Scarf, Classic Bag


Kelly@Bungalow Blue said...

Absolutely love everything you picked here and couldn't agree more that less really is more! Great post!

My name: Julie My design firm: SHELTER said...

Thank you! I would love to buy every piece I shared...:)

designchic said...

I love every single piece - dying for the YSL bag…

My name: Julie My design firm: SHELTER said...

Thank you! Yes, I would love to add the YSL bag to my closet.


Meagan said...

Loved this. Thanks!


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