Thursday, September 3, 2015

Something out of nothing.....

I'm a dreamer. I always have been. They say there are two categories of thinkers, dreamers and realists. I think I'll stick with the former (the dreamer), because many of my dreams have come true.

I would LOVE to have a mudroom someday. We all have that imaginary dream home wish list. (don't we??)  A mudroom is at the top for me! (As is a large laundry room and pantry). Having proper storage puts me at ease. My kids "stuff" seems to be strewn about. One of the first projects at hand over here at the Richard casa to create a pseudo mudroom out of a tiny corner on my three season porch. I cannot deal with my kids coming in the front door and dumping their stuff (coats, shoes, gloves, sports equip.) everywhere anymore! I only have a tiny space to deal with but I am going to make it work!!

In an ideal world I would do something clean and organized like this:

For now I am going to eke out a corner on my three season porch. Here is some small "mudroom" inspo!

I love the idea of a little bench, a few boot trays and some pretty hooks.

Here is another clever idea if you are short on space:


ladzo said...

Inspiring post and ideas to use space in properly way. All design are perfect. Love it!

Cheryl said...

I agree. I would so love a mudroom. Even in a corner. Even with children grown. Entering directly into the kitchen is a nightmare. Your images are just wonderful!

Adriana Thani said...

This is on my wish list too! I feel like even a tiny area would help with the clutter a little bit, especially with the kids' stuff.

Azzuraa said...

Truly amazing! Thanks for sharing


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