Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Love the look: Back to School

Hello, hello! My kiddos head back to school next week!! Hallelujah  I mean that's too bad. I don't know about you but my kids are at each other's throats...All kidding aside, I adore them and live for the summer but this Mama is ready for the school routine and longer work days! Did I just say, longer work days? I did. Thank god I love my job.

Most of the items above are self explanatory but here are a few notes!

- My daughter informed me she wants this entire outfit, purse and all for school!!
- Those glitter sneakers are in my cart for Emmi. Mini-Boden is having a back to school sale!!
- We've had great luck around here with Pottery Barn back packs and their turn around is fast! They are on sale too!!!
- This field jacket is for all the Mommies who walk or wait in the cold getting their little ones to school. It will also keep us warm at the endless flag, soccer, lax, etc. etc. etc. games.

Best of luck with your back to school events and children!!  I will be back in full force next week...woot woot!!  xx

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