Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Cottage Love #53 - Pastel Perfection

With unexpected color choices, a curated mix of vintage, inherited and modern elements and a nod to mid-century design with a traditional twist, Charlotte Lucas designed a beautiful but approachable home for her family. Charlotte's unpredictable style speaks to me.  She credits her former employer and design maven Barrie Benson with shaping her sensibility and her approach to  shopping“I’ve learned that if I find something I really love, I should buy it now and worry about how I’m going to use it later,” she saysI'm guilty of this very same habit. In fact, sometimes one fabulous piece can be the impetus for an entire design. Charlotte's work is beautiful. I predict we'll be seeing quite a bit more of her. Enjoy! Read more about Charlotte's
home and find sources here

I'm in love with her daughter's bedroom and day bed! (channel tufting is a current favorite) 


Anonymous said...

whats up with all the terrible artwork. this could have been so much better!

My name: Julie My design firm: SHELTER said...

I guess artwork is subjective!

charlotte harris said...

Thank you for the lovely feature!!


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