Tuesday, September 26, 2017

My home - Exterior paint choices

Hello, hello...So glad to be able to sit and blog today! I shared this photo of my kiddos on insta the other day. We had just gotten back from flag football, hence my son's sweaty forehead! The gallery wall is also a work in progress but the real story here is I'm finally getting new windows and redoing the front of my little ranchola!! I can't wait to dive in and paint the facade, the problem is, it's a simple home architecturally but I still want it to look gorgeous. I thought I'd share my thoughts, feel free to chime in on what you like for color schemes!! I will share paint chip ideas tomorrow. I can make decisions for my clients no problem but for my own home?? Not so much. Thoughts?? xx

Body of the house:

 - I am either going with  1. White or 2. Pale Grey 
Here are some nice examples. The next question is to add shutters back on or go without. I am leaning towards shutters. I typically love white houses with black shutters on classic homes but I am not sure how I feel about it on my home. 

            White facade:

White with grey shutters (this is soft and pretty)

Warm white with blue grey shutters

Pale Grey with black shutters:
(this cape is adorable)

 Now onto the door color choice. I currently have a black door. I love glossy black doors but because my house is simple, I think I'd like to differentiate it with a pop of color on the door. I am also not married (as most of you know) so I am not dealing with a guy's opinion either. I currently have a black storm door with a glass insert. (which I absolutely need in Boston during the cooler months)

Door choices
(it will be in a high gloss paint)

A rich glossy blue (not navy)


 Glossy black - my entrance is far from this stunning!!

(this shade is pretty perfect)

Pale blue


Melkorka said...

I have the same conundrum as you choosing paint colors for my own house; I fluctuate between a more creamy white with greige-y green shutters or a cooler classic look of white and gray. Tricky choice! I vote the light blue door although I would be very jealous if you did paint it that lovely pink!

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about decisions for others vs. your own! as far as the exterior paint color, that would be a “no brained”for me...WHITE! Then, your roof color should help you decide on the shutter color and that decision will help with the door options. Without considering either, I vote for pink. My door is a lighter shade of pink and I get compliments every time there’s a knock on it 😃. Would gladly show you a photo of my painted white brick home with the pink door.

My name: Julie My design firm: SHELTER said...

I am painting the door either a bright blue or the pretty pink color!! Thank you!! xx


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