Friday, September 22, 2017

Shelter loves

Hello Friday 💗. With no meetings on tap today, I honestly could have worked from the comfort of my bed. It's been windy and rainy all week and we are all ready for some sun shine up in here! Besides the hilarious posts on Man Repeller here's what else made me happy this week!

1. I design a lot of kitchens, I'm always searching for new inspiration that has not been shared everywhere.. This kitchen is so cool, I also appreciate a house that looks lived in..Don't you?? 
2. I need, want and must get a signet bag. This green and snake skin version is dynamite!!
3. I am always on the hunt for a boot with a narrow shaft calf but now wider boots are all the rage. This version reminds me of something my Mom would have worn in the 80's but I'm sort of digging the change and look.
4. Which brings me to number three, the boots in number in numero two would look fab just like this! You could rock a trash bag Olivia!!
5. God I love gorgeous flowers...I think I'd get married again just to choose the flowers..(kidding of course) this arrangement is so textural and interesting!
6. I am not saying don't consider others but by all means consider your happiness too. Nuff said.
7. UMMMM, Giovanna is the master of chic and cool.. I have been watching her all over fashion the "weeks". Her street attire is usually my favorite! She wore this look during NY fashion week. I still LOVE me some leopard. This dress and you Giovanna, are phenom. 

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