Friday, September 8, 2017

Shelter Loves.....

Hello, hello! I often try to find some time to peruse the Internet for new websites and inspiration I have NOT seen. There was a time when there was a smaller group of us blogging about design, fashion, beauty and entertaining..(the "lifestyle" bloggers)  NOW? There are too many to count or visit. I've been trying to look outward for inspiration and not just on the www. I might not have a million dollars but I do have a nice camera and a creative brain. My goal is to document fresh content and share a few more personalized stories with you all. I've been feeling this way for some time and today I came across Jamie's post. So I guess I am not alone..... I've always appreciated her frankness and unexpected style - if you don't read her Real Raleigh posts - I suggest you do, they are fabulous! Here's what else I have on my mind.......Have a great weekend and I'm thinking of you all down in Florida - stay safe! xoxoxoxo

(from top left to right)

1. I like off beat spaces, ones that don't look like they have been created over night. I refer to them as rooms with soul!! This room's got it. It's not too perfect.
2.  I know army green has been around but I'm still liking it. I have a quilted jacket in black but J. Crew's green version is looking pretty sweet. 
3. I have a thing for retro sneakers. I had not seen Stan Smiths in coral...I likey!!
4.  Guilty, guilty, guilty
5. I believe small spaces can be beautifully designed....this mudroom is proof!
6. With all I said above, I am still VERY inspired by all the amazing street fashions during Fashion week!! I'll be posting my favorite outfit from all of them in the weeks to come.

Praying for you Florida. I adore your beautiful, un-commercialized, sandy white beaches. 


bluehydrangea said...

I'm the Queen of overthinking...but I'm working on it. And yes, that room is fabulous! Have a great weekend!

Jessica said...

Do you happen to know who makes the wallpaper in the nursery?


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