Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Happy New Year!

I always kick off the New Year reflecting on what I've learned over the past year. I believe most of the "not so great" teaches us valuable life lessons on how to create more "good" in our lives. I'm also including some goals that I'm motivated to work on. I hope you were all able to sneak in a little "you" time over the holiday break. I love celebrating with friends and family but I'm also big on the fresh start a new year brings. It's time to clean up the house and create more memories...Cheers to a fabulous 2018, may it be filled with love, peace, health and prosperity! Wishing you all the best, thank you for continually reading my blog and all the support. xx

What I learned in 2017:

1. I've learned to let go a little bit. I tend to ruminate on what bothers me and worry about the future too much. Most of what I obsess over never happens anyway.
2. I've also learned to push through the negative and unavoidable in life. I don't dwell or sulk for long. I do everything I can that day/week or whatever time I need to and then devise a game plan to make a change for the better!!
3. We cannot control everything in life but we can control our response. Always pause before you speak and/or act. This is your true super power!!
4. A positive mind set does help!! I actually started my first working morning off in 2018 with a flat tire that landed me on the side of the road. Because it is 3 degrees out, the tow truck took three hours to arrive. I was frustrated but I decided I was not going to let this ruin my day or even the time I spent in my car waiting. I was also very thankful my boyfriend came and helped me. 
5. I've always known this but I do more than ever now. Hugs are much more effective than raising your voice. Parenting takes a great amount of patience. I am continually working on being a better Mother.
6. I am not overly religious but I have found that praying is a form of meditation. I am very thankful for my health and for the health of those I love! I never take this for granted. 
7. If something does not go my way, I now try to think there is a bigger and better plan in store. I move on. 
8. I don't take much personally anymore, even compliments. Think about this one. 
9. To practice more self love. 
10. To appreciate the here and now, nothing is ever going to be perfect. 
11. Focus on the good - I am getting better at this and am teaching my children the same.
12. Your metabolism absolutely slows down as you get older. I used to be able to lose five lbs in two weeks, not anymore. 

My 2018 goals:

1. Save more. I need to become better at managing, saving and planning with my money. 
2. I am continually trying to strive for perfection. (see #11 above) The "grass is always greener" syndrome never helps. I need to check this a little, focus on the here and now and enjoy what I have.
3. Cook more interesting recipes and find some new,healthy meals to cook. I really enjoy cooking but feel a little stifled by what my kids want to eat. (Mac and cheese etc.)
4. Read more. I always enjoyed escaping with a book but I am usually too tired at night. I am thinking of spending less time on the phone and more time with great books.
5. Start a monthly game night with my children. (even friends) This was my daughter's suggestion but I love it. I feel a little guilty that I work around my children so much. November and December were particularly insane.
6. Get more organized around my house.
7. Exercise an extra day! Again, this goes back to lack of time during the day but I feel and look better when I can exercise 4-5 days a week. (A very predictable goal I know)
8. To STOP letting swears slip in front of my kids. I am 100% working on this!! My son mentioned it to me. ­čśľ
8. To continue to grow my business!!

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