Friday, January 5, 2018

Shelter Loves

Hello Friday! We've been hit hard with a winter storm and some pretty bad flooding in the Boston area. After witnessing the amount of ocean water that took over local homes yesterday, I'm happy I am not in the flood zone!! We are all snuggling down this weekend, the temps have dropped to well under freezing and below zero with the wind chill. I can only imagine this is what it feels like to live in North Dakota or Canada! I've been trying to balance mothering with working all week with the vacay and snow days but here is what's on my radar besides a hot toddy. xx 

1. I collect design books, The Authentics, is high on my priority list of purchases. I've always admired Melanie's work and Dara Caponigro's sense of style. You just can't go wrong with this combo of women.
2. I have been working on a design job with a very neutral palette. I'm really happy with how it is turning out and will be selecting the artwork soon! I'm loving everything about these photographs - the scale, color, frames....
3. Amen, Maya. 
4. I mentioned I wanted to cook more healthy meals in 2018. I love the idea of "bowl" cooking and think I may try this recipe next! I've always cooked tried them but want to explore more veggie options. 
5. How darling are these!? I don't wear brown much but I've also had my eyes on these!!
6. DOWN jackets!! I have no issue with wearing a puffy down coat in the winter!! I prefer to be warm over freezing my ass off. Granted this chic version is a Moncler . This option is a bit more wallet friendly - Most down coats are on sale right now!
7. Simple and pretty earrings are a week day go to for me. I adore these

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